A company that was organically born when one girl set out on a mission (with her cat) to find herself again. She embarked on a cross country road trip fueled by her search for creativity and what she found along the way was more than she could've asked for. Filled to the brim with joy and inspiration, she started channeling it into various creative outlets, using her surroundings from her travels as resources along the way. All of her creations are made by hand and with so much love that it translates into the beauty and uniqueness of each piece. Inspired by the colors and textures in nature, she incorporates a piece of earth into each design. Stubborn by nature, she refuses to replicate anything, preferring to let each creation take its shape as it pleases.


Jackie is a trained designer specializing in apparel with a degree from Florida State University. She has worked in the industry as a kidswear designer and has also specialized in women's and men's denim for nearly a decade. Her fruitful career had taken her from NYC to London to LA, when she decided to take a break from it all to explore new creative outlets. Being able to pull from all of her past experiences has given her the courage to fully throw herself into this new adventure with an open heart. On a whim, she decided to take up residency (with her cat) in Terlingua, Texas when the pull of the desert was just too strong for her to walk away from. Thanks to the opportunity of being featured as a guest artist in a local gallery, she was able to make her debut as a weaver and natural dyer at Earth and Fire Gallery in the ghost town. After many months of weaving/dyeing in the desert, having dance parties on the desolate roads, strumming her ukulele to many a beautiful sunset, hiking around Big Bend to refuel/get inspired, and bar tending at the infamous La Kiva, she felt ready to continue her journey east! Now back in the swing of city life, she hopes to keep challenging herself by exploring new mediums and techniques while incorporating inspirations from the concrete jungle she dearly loves into her works.